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Apizzaclypse Now, LIVE! Loverboy

EVENT (Nov 10): The hosts of the Films of the Future podcast are back with a new podcast where they review films that feature pizza. For their premiere live episode, Alan Metoskie (FOX’s The Exorcist) and Kendall Bruns (U.S. Pizza Museum Founder & Director) will discuss Loverboy (1989), starring Patrick Dempsey as a college sophomore and pizza delivery boy that gets seduced by an older woman.

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Taste Talks Chicago

Pizza in the United States is deeply embedded into the nation’s culinary consciousness, from thin crust in New York to wood fired in San Francisco, and of course, no where more fervently than Chicago, from it’s iconic deep-dish to more recent Neapolitan incarnations. Join U.S. […]


Happy Pepperoni/Sad Pepperoni T-shirt

Happy Pepperoni/Sad Pepperoni T-shirt Kendall Bruns, circa 2012 U.S. Pizza Museum Collection Acquisition Date: 11/06/2012 ID: USPM0029 Photograph by Kendall Bruns Often served on a simple paper plate, a NY-style slice of pizza is a distinctly American food and pepperoni is the quintessential topping. What […]

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