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Nameless Network is creating a pizza popup in NYC

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Nameless Network is creating The Museum of Pizza (no affiliation with the U.S. Pizza Museum) popup in NYC from October 13–28, 2018. The organizers promise, “A place to take amazing photos and absorb every wonder of our larger-than-life, immersive installations. A space to bask in multi-sensory, psychedelic pizza joy.”

$35 tickets also include a slice of pizza and they promise to donate a portion of every ticket purchased towards a meal for a family in need. Tickets can be purchased now at

This has generated a lot of press and most articles have made a point of mentioning other pizza museums like Pizza Brain (opened in 2011), the just opened The Original Pizza Hut Museum, and the U.S. Pizza Museum. We believe that the world is big (and hungry) enough for many pizza museums that are sure to tackle the topic from diverse perspectives. Good luck MoPi!

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