Burt's Place Menu

Burt’s Place Menu

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Pizza, Pizza Menus, USPM Collection

Burt’s Place Menu
Burt’s Place
Morton Grove, IL, circa 2011
5.5 in. x 8.5 in.

U.S. Pizza Museum Collection
Acquisition Date: 10/25/2012
ID: USPM0027

Burt Katz’s pizza story started back in 1963 when he introduced his distinct take on deep-dish pizza at The Inferno in Evanston, Illinois. He opened Pequod’s Pizzeria in 1971 and many consider its caramelized cheese crust pizzas to be some of the best in Chicago. Katz sold Pequod’s in 1986 and went on to open his namesake pizzeria, Burt’s Place in Morton Grove, Illinois.

At Burt’s Place, Katz made every pizza himself. The pizzas were as well-known for their fresh, carefully integrated toppings as their caramelized crusts, until the day the restaurant closed in 2015 due to Katz’s declining health and decision to move on.

Burt's Place Menu USPM0027_Burts_Menu_B_9866 Burt's Place Menu

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