Pizza Box Art Contest Winners

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On Wednesday, April 4, 2018, pizza lovers gathered at Paulie Gee’s Logan Square to draw on GreenBox pizza boxes in a competition for prizes from Galerie F and tickets to the sold out 3rd Annual Chicago Pizza Summit presented by Old Style Beer and Empty Bottle Presents.
First prize winners were Shelly Loke, for her “OctoPIE Pizza,” and Suzannah Ryan Linnekin, for her floating pizza slices.
Contestants were given the choice of doing their design on one of two sides of the pizza box to compete for different prizes. The judges were: Billy Craven (Galerie F), Mandy Duncan (U.S. Pizza Museum), Jonathan Goldsmith (Spacca Napoli Pizzeria), and Derrick Tung (Paulie Gee’s Logan Square).
GreenBox Side Winners

“OctoPIE Pizza” by Shelly Loke-Gayaves

U.S. Pizza Museum Side Winners

Pizza Box Art by Suzannah Ryan Linnekin

Contestants’ artwork will be on display at the Chicago Pizza Summit on April 22, 2018, to inspire attendees of that event to create their own pizza box artwork for prizes from Galerie F and Coalfire Pizza.
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