Spooky Pizza Party

EVENT (10/27): Think you have the best pizza costume this Halloween? Pit yourself against fellow pizza enthusiasts at the U.S. Pizza Museum’s Spooky Pizza Party and costume contest.

Arguments & Grievances Comedy Debates

EVENT (10/6): Does pineapple have a place on pizza? Are Bagel Bites pizza at all? Join us at the U.S. Pizza Museum to watch and vote as professional comedians debate these and other contentious topping topics in our live taping of the nationally-acclaimed Arguments and Grievances podcast.

How to Pizza: All About Sauce

EVENT (9/20): Have you ever thought you could be a pizzaiolo with just a little bit of the right training? On Saturday, September 20, Master Instructor at the North American Pizza and Culinary Academy and World Pizza Team member, Leo Spizzirri, will be gracing the U.S. Pizza Museum with his presence for a free evening of tips, tricks, demos, and discussion from one of the only 20 pizza schools worldwide.

Upcoming Events!

PIZZA NEWS: We're excited to announce our first events at the U.S. Pizza Museum at the Roosevelt Collection. In addition to our exhibits, we want the U.S. Pizza Museum to be a gathering place to dive deeper into all kinds of pizza topics, from demos and conversations to live comedy events all themed around America's favorite food.

Interview: Paige Guggemos

INTERVIEW: Paige Guggemos is the founder of MPLS Pizza Club, a pizza-centric community for pizza enthusiasts. Their annual event, Pizza Camp is about to take place for the fifth time on July 7–8, 2018.

Pizza Box Art Contest Winners

On Wednesday, April 4, 2018, pizza lovers gathered at Paulie Gee’s Logan Square to draw on GreenBox pizza boxes in a competition for prizes from Galerie F and tickets to the sold out 3rd Annual Chicago Pizza Summit presented by Old Style Beer and Empty Bottle Presents. First prize winners were Shelly Loke, for her "OctoPIE... Continue Reading →

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